As most of you know, I covered the USA Swimming sex abuse scandal for WBAL in Baltimore from late July until early October this year. During that span I penned 12 articles on the topic, articles that were enthusiastically received by both WBAL management and readers. Additionally I was interviewed on WBAL radio seven times regarding the USA Swimming story during that period.

But the 13th article I wrote on the scandal, regarding the North Baltimore Aquatic Club and the incident(s) of prior abuse at the world-famous club that is co-owned by Michael Phelps apparently hit too close to home; more specifically too close to the cash cow that is Phelps. Due to either internal or external pressures – or more likely both – WBAL not only removed the NBAC article but proceeded to remove ALL the articles I had written. The station, acting in utterly Orwellian fashion, “disappeared” my work.

I decided to temporarily re-post all the articles on this site, starting with the most recent.

The cowardice displayed by WBAL has only strengthened my resolve and I will be writing for another outlet in the very near future.

There will be much more to come on this story in the coming weeks and months.


Tim Joyce